Does money stress you out?
Do you come up short every month paying bills?
Do you struggle to keep the money you make?
Do you tell yourself you are a failure, a loser or suck at managing money?
Does tax time make you anxious?

Have you had enough of your money blocks?

Tired of struggling to make ends meet?

Ready to step into alignment with money?

So am I. I’m Lisa Starbard, business strategist, bookkeeper, number geek and seasoned business owner. I work with women and solopreneurs helping them to identify and release their money blocks so that money can flow with ease in their lives.

I fell in love with business and numbers at a young age working alongside both parents who were self-employed. I understand money and numbers from the inside out, bottom up and top down.

And I know that what YOU really want is a steady flow of money into your life.
So let’s work together and make that happen for you.

You deserve to live in peace.
You deserve to have the money you need to pay bills, save for a rainy day and enjoy life.
It’s YOUR time!

Lisa Starbard, MBA, Bookkeeper